Tea and Cancer  Nobel Prize 2008

        In the year of 2000, there were 184000 new cases of prostate carcinoma in USA, and 40000 deaths; according to the world data, there are fewer incidence among tea drinking races. Two separate experiments had finished at  University Hospitals of Cleveland and The State University of New Jersey, they showed that oral infusion of a polyphenolic fraction isolated from green tea at a human achievable dose to male TRAMP mice, significantly inhibits prostate carcinoma development and increases survival in these mice.

prostate carcinoma incidence reduced from 100% to 35%

lymph node metastases reduced from 95% to 0%

lung metastases reduced from 65% to 0%

liver metastases reduced from 40% to 0%

bone metastases reduced from 25% to 0%

Original Report  www.pnas.org/cgi/doi/10.1073/pnas.171326098 Ca_P_Tea.pdf

prostate carcinoma virus 2007  

 In the year of 2007 , there were 218890 new cases of prostate carcinoma in USA ; The five year Persian Gulf War only has 4000 deaths ; The prostate carcinoma is an infectious disease which is a public health problem .